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Business & Marketing Challenges

When you're ready to apply, head over to our application page with full instructions. If you would like additional information on any of the Challenges below, simply email with the Challenge name to request information.

Challenge #1 - Market Analysis for Ammonia Borane

Identifying markets and customers for ammonia borane, an advanced hydrogen storage material.  Ammonia borane has a 20 wt% theoretical hydrogen storage capacity and is under development by a variety of national laboratories, universities, and companies as a hydrogen storage source for portable power and vehicle applications.  Ammonia borane can also be used as a starting material or reagent in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals or other chemicals.  This project would develop lists of potential customers for ammonia borane including national laboratories, universities, and start-up companies along with contacts at each institution.

Challenge #3 - Historic District Fuel Cell Integration Plan

Develop a demonstration plan that uses fuel cells and other eco-friendly energy sources in the Waverly District in Columbia to provide solutions to fuel consumption, pollution, improvement of infrastructure of energy, transportation and communication systems, and also using these same systems to create jobs and improve our production and protection of plants and trees.  The demonstration plan would be a model for other historical districts.

Challenge #5 - Market Analysis for Natural Gas Pressure Boosters in the Fuel Cell Market

Develop a complete scientific, technical, business and marketing strategy to sell natural gas pressure boosters in the fuel cell industry.  Many fuel cell customers have used natural gas pressure boosters to increase the pressure of delivered natural gas to the pressures required for fuel cell operation, but manufacturers of the boosters need assistance in understanding their value proposition for the market as well as identification of customers at national laboratories, universities, and companies.

Challenge #6 - Development of a Hydrogen Race Car and Racing Business Template

Develop an innovative and affordable racecar design template.  This will include development of the race car design and a business template that provides entrepreneurs and Tier One suppliers the potential to participate, attracts New Economy sponsors, and gives a safe, affordable hydrogen racer whose design components can transfer easily to the automotive show room.

Challenge #7 - Passive Fuel Cell System Prototyping

Construct and test prototype fuel cell systems based on existing patents for fuel cell systems that are low pressure, air-cooled, and require no external humidification.  The project will also identify markets for the fuel cell systems and customers in early fuel cell markets including telecommunications, fork lifts, and back-up power.  Initial customers and strategic partners will also be identified.