The Fuel Cell Collaborative is putting up $75,000 to fund up to 3 University of South Carolina student teams to launch the next innovation in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Here's how you win:

1.  Submit solution to one of our vetted Industry Challenges
2.  Kickoff your own Innovation Challenge
3.  Join us for a webinar, check out our blog, and subscribe for updates to learn more.


The Fuel Cell Challenge connects industry-leading innovation at the University of South Carolina with the real world challenges faced by cutting-edge hydrogen and fuel cell businesses.

Learn what the Challenge can do for you, whether you're a firm with an obstacle or a student with a solution.

Students: Think you have the skills to address one of those needs? Or are you ahead of the game and have an innovative technology solution our firms don't know about yet?

Form your student team and apply for funding!

Industry: Whether it's trouble designing the next catalyst for your fuel cell, mapping your region's hydrogen and fuel cell supply chain, getting the word out about your product, or any other need your firm identifies, apply today and see if we can help.
Process & FAQ's

We want to solve your problems. All businesses involved in the hydrogen and fuel cell industries are encouraged to apply.

But before you do, be sure to review the Process outline and our Frequently Asked Questions for tips on how to best submit your winning application.

Ready to apply? Get started now! 

We want your questions and feedback. If our Frequently Asked Questions section doesn't answer your inquiry, feel free to contact us directly.

Industry members, you'll also find information on Webinars designed to help you maximize the opportunity for your submission getting selected.