Junior Kindergarten

Salaam u Alaikum Dear Parents,

I feel honoured and privileged to teach at Safa and Marwa Islamic School. As we focus on play based learning, being with young children is what I like best. They are my inspiration to achieve and meet any challenge that comes my way. My hobbies are, all sort of creative activities, flower gardening, and reading books.

Further, understanding the child's psychology and development levels to enhance their early learning is a challenging job. The credit to achieve this exceptional skill goes to all my brilliant professors at the Seneca College where I recently graduated from. Thanks for sharing your professional knowledge. In addition, I am greatly obliged to the President of Seneca College for his continuous encouragement and for nominating me for the President's Honour List consecutively. I will always remember your dedication towards professionalism and inclusiveness.   

I believe that every child is capable and could do wonders if provided a positive environment. After several years that I have spent as an educator,including four years in Canada I have realized how my elementary teachers at Uk and Quran teacher back home helped me develop my educational skills at an early age. The early experiences that a child has to go through affects his personality in a very subtle way and helps him face the challenges of life as he grows up. Likewise, making a difference in a child's life is my passion. 

Next, I am blessed to have an awesome family, caring friends, and a rewarding career. I feel delighted to welcome your child here. Your family is an integral part of our family at Safa and Marwa Islamic School.

With Best Wishes For a Successful School Year,

Ghazala Bilqees

Registered Early Childhood Educator (Honours)