Welcome to Our Grade One Class Website!

Assalam Alaikum Grade One Parents,

My name is Aisha Hashmi. I am delighted to be your child's grade one teacher!

I have thoughtfully designed a learning environment to inspire and engage students in the daily learning process. Learning activities will be varied to meet all students strengths and interests and to provide opportunities for inquiry and exploration and to build critical thinking skills. Through this dynamic learning experience, I hope to created a solid academic foundation for students to build upon in the future years of their education.

The development of reading skills is vital in grade one and much emphasis will be placed in this area. Each child will be regularly tested for their reading level and assigned books appropriate for their ability on a weekly basis. These books will be sent on Friday and should be returned promptly every Monday morning, so they can be given their next book. Homework will be assigned on Fridays in a special weekend homework duotang beginning in mid-October. Additional homework will be assigned throughout the week, primarily in Math and Language.

Please check this website DAILY for updates on homework, websites for learning games, resources for supporting your child's learning, school events and all other important updates. I will occasionally be posting children's work samples as a guide for parents to have a better understanding of how expectations should met in various subjects. 

Please contact all teachers through the agenda or by email. I can be reached the quickest via email: a.hashmi@safaandmarwa.ca


Aisha Hashmi




Homework: Please send all homework duotangs, books or papers back to school EVERYDAY, even if the homework wasn't completed. This is to avoid confusion as certain duotangs are needed on a daily basis in the classroom and helps to keep everything organized. The duotang can be sent back on the following day for the unfinished homework to be completed. 

Gym: Your child should bring running shoes with them to school everyday for gym time. 

Playground: We will have outdoor times during the week. Please ensure your child bring appropriate clothing for the season, especially gloves, hats and boots in the winter time as some days can get extremely cold without warning. 

Lunch Bags and Agendas: Everyday your child is to bring their agendas and place them on my desk first thing in the morning, and their lunch bags and water bottles on the table against the wall on the left. Water bottles are particularly important as well as their agendas to build their sense of responsibility for their education. 

Reading: The expectation for Grade One is that students will read each night for at least 10 to 15 minutes. We are doing a whole period of reading everyday. The kids are reading to each other and reading to me as I assess their reading skills. 

Lunches and Snacks: Please continue to send enough food and drinks for two breaks throughout the day. We remind the students to eat their healthy items first at each break and ensure that they have sufficient food remaining for the second lunch break. We try to ensure that all students eat their lunch, but find that sometimes students have difficultly eating. Please let us know if there are any lunch concerns. 


Jan 16, 2017, 12:17 PM