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One definition of a gala dinner is: a multi-course, seated dinner, with entertainment, which may include a dance floor, speeches and/or an awards ceremony traditionally a black tie dinner.

For us at SA Event Décor, this just represents the bare bones of a gala dinner. We provide elegant and stylish décor, which sets the scene and atmosphere for a sophisticated yet welcoming event, which your guests will remember for a long time.

For ease of purpose, under headings, we reflect the various areas which may be utilised. This makes the various elements which you may wish to include in your gala dinner easier to consider and discuss.

Pre Drinks Area 

This is the first area which your guests will encounter, where they are welcomed with a drink, and they can relax, knowing that they've arrived safely, and meet and mingle. SA Event Décor has a variety of cocktail table options, be it the clean, modern lines of luminium tables, or stretch covered tables, uplit with parcan lighting, or other. A variety of table centre pieces are included, and colour schemes used throughout this area, set the initial mood and compliment the décor of the main event area.

A portion of the pre-drinks area may optionally be set aside for photographs to be taken, so that guests can record their attendance at a memorable gala function. A suitable backdrop will be provided. A suitably lit full bar can also be placed in the pre-drinks area, should you so choose.

Entrance Area

The entrance to the main area further extends the warm welcome provided for your guests as they proceed, and is an integral link between the outer and inner areas.

We at SA Event Décor, again have different entrance options, be it drapes detailed with fairy lights, archways or tunnels, which may vary in length from 3 to 30 metres. In the case of the latter tunnel length, one may choose to incorporate the pre-drinks there. Entrances are subtlety lit, appropriate to the type of entrance décor chosen.

Main Function Area

Here, you and your guests will spend most of the evening, and SA Event Décor will provide the wow factor and impact of this most important area, from table and chair décor and detailing, draping of venue walls and ceilings, with or without fairy lights, if required, to name but a few options.

Tables and Chairs
We offer an extensive range of materials and colours with which to provide your basic colour selection/s and contrast detailing. Gala Dinners, being smart and sophisticated functions, lend themselves extremely well to the use of strong, rich and contrasting colours, adding depth, detail and texture. Tables may be round or square, individually arranged around the venue, or joined to form long tables - a very striking arrangement of square tables with everything in complete symmetry. Tables can also be under lit in white or other colour, with or without the option of having lights changing colour throughout the evening.

Rich and opulent colours such as black, white, purple, burgundy, red, blue, green and cream are all most effective choices to ground and set the basic scheme. Detailing in gold, silver, glass and crystal add to the elegant dressing of tables and chairs. 

Various materials such as taffeta, velvet, flocked taffeta and organza provide contrast, texture and depth, in addition to gently reflecting shades and hues provided by subtle lighting. Underplates and smart, creatively folded and detailed serviettes add creative elegance to each individual place setting.

Smart and striking, but non-intrusive centre pieces are essential table décor elements. SA Event Décor has a variety of sophisticated and innovative centre piece options. Candelabra, glass, crystal, mirrored bases, tiered elements, are but a few elegant items available, all chosen to add elegant sparkle, an occasional splash of colour and smartly textured detailing.

An optional dance floor may be centrally situated between tables in this area, or located more to one side.

Stage optional
SA Event Décor can not only offer a variety of stages, square or round with rounded steps, almost forming an inviting semi-circle, but also stage and backdrop décor. We can hang a star curtain, which contains tiny scattered lights, of which the colour can periodically and automatically be set to change. In this area, stretch sets in various colours with soft backlighting, are most effective. Stretch sets can also be custom built for your gala dinner's stage.

Bar optional
We have a selection of bar counters and backdrops, practical yet decorative. Bars are effectively lit, so that attendants are able to serve correctly, without being intrusive or minimising the overall effect of your gala dinner décor.

Lounge/Chill Area

Here, your guests can retire for a while, stretch their legs and relax.

SA Event Décor provides a selection of couches, chairs and cocktail tables for this area. The furniture on offer varies from more traditional to minimalistic modern styles.

SA Event Décor will gladly and professionally design and install the perfect Gala Dinner setting required by you, providing a truly opulent and sophisticated ambience, so essential for a breathtaking and memorable Gala Dinner.