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If you are looking for the videos we made as a part of our Bully Stoppers Project, you have come to right place!

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During term three and four in 2013, the year five and six students at St Albans East PS worked on creating short videos that would help students feel empowered and self-confident in their ability to manage bullying behaviour and situations effectively. This unit of work was called the Wellbeing Warriors project.

The project reinforced the school's eSmart Journey and Better Buddies program by bringing key understandings, behaviours and strategies ‘alive’ in student’s learning. We hoped the project would assist our students to behave ethically and respond appropriately to bullying, both online and offline, in their global and local communities. 

Over a 10 week period, students worked in small, collaborative groups to develop videos that demonstrate bullying issues and promote solutions and strategies. These videos were shared with the school community at a “Bully Buster Breakfast”. 

Students wore T-Shirts at the breakfast bearing QR codes that linked to their multimedia presentations, housed online. Parents viewed the videos using QR readers installed on iPads. While viewing the videos parents were able to speak with students about their learning and the strategies they have learned.

Our students became Wellbeing Warriors, sharing with the local community, the strategies needed to ensure we all live and learn in safe and ethical ways. After the school community breakfast, posters bearing the QR codes were displayed around the local community to support a broader understanding of bullying: what it is, how to manage bullying behaviour and how to build safe and supportive communities. 

Our Wellbeing Warriors are students leading the way to better living.

The Process...

Here's a glimpse into what the students did........there were many challenges along the way, the biggest was a delay in the delivery of the iPads by 6 weeks! This meant that students only had two weeks to learn how to use the iPads, learn how to film their videos and then to edit their footage using the iMovie app. It was intense!!

A photo slideshow....

Room 2's Behind the Scenes photo slideshow....

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