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Indibano 2012

Understanding our changing world

It is not about how clever you are, it is about the opportunities you take! 

    26 August - 29 August 2012, Umgeni Valley Reserve Howick

Indibano 2012 was a great success with many high quality presentations given by the 2012 delegates, making it very hard for our adjudicator Sue van Rensburg (SAEON) to hand out prizes to the best presenters. Guest speakers that were invited to our Indibano informed us about the possibilities and opportunities of our academic career, but most of all encouraged us to follow our passion in science. The fact that the 2012 delegates are indeed following their passion was observed by the enthusiasm during the presentations and the networking opportunities. The wetland outings have given us a good example of how disturbed areas can be rehabilitated and how conservation efforts can be successful in our rapidly changing world.

Many thanks to SAEON, the sponsor of Indibano 2012.

Thanks to our guest speakers, Dr Beverley Damonse, Prof. Tim O’Connor, Ms Sue Van Rensburg, Dr Louis Celliers, Mr. Damian Walters, Mr. Craig Cowden, Mr. Drummond Densham, Mr. Eric Mlaba.

Finally, thanks to the highly motivated Indibano 2012 delegates.

Best regards,
The 2012 GSN team
Caswell, Melissa, Paula, Manqhai and Tanja

What is the Indibano?
The indibano is a meeting for GSN members that takes place once a year. Students get to network amongst themselves and researchers, and will participate in a workshop aimed to obtain valuable skills for their future.
  • Students present their own work in a conference-style presentation. 
  • There will be a workshop where you can learn valuable skills for your studies. 
  • There will be plenary talks and interaction times with leading researchers in a wide diversity of fields.
  • As well as a number of exciting outings to see beautiful natural sites, including a visit to a wetland rehabilitation site Edendale, Pietermaritzburg organised by SAEON grasslands, forests and wetlands node. 
When was the Indibano?
2012 Indibano was hosted from Sunday 26 August until Wednesday 29 August, providing 3 nights and 4 days of exciting GSN activities. 

Where was the Indibano?
The Indibano was held in WESSA’s Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve in Howick, KwaZulu Natal Midlands, a gorgeous reserve inhabited by giraffe, zebra, a variety of antelopes and a multitude of bird species. Accommodation and meals were provided at a lovely venue situated in the magnificent gorge below the famous Howick falls.