Mrs. Astorino's Second Grade Class

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    Welcome!  I'm glad you came!


Our classroom is a place to work hard and have fun! Always come with a smile and be ready to... 



Word Study: 

We use the Orton Gillingham program that students began in kindergarten and 1st grade to help them to become great spellers!  This hands on approach allows students to apply a phonics concept to many words rather than memorize a list.  Students will be taught a phonics rule on Monday and then practice it during the week with many different words.  On Thursdays we will have a practice assessment and on Friday the real assessment.  Please see the letter under the "Important Resources" tab to learn more.

**We will review some spelling rules from last year: 
Backpack rule: ck comes at the end of a one syllable, short vowel word that ends with the /k/ sound. ex. pick, luck
Sam Loves Fried Zebra rule: Any 1 syllable, short vowel word that ends with s, l, f, or z, gets a doubled final consonant. ex. glass, fuzz
Cat/Kite rule: Listen for the second sound of a word that starts with the /k/ sound.  If it's an a, o, or u, the word starts with a c.  If the second sound is an i or an e, it starts with a k.  ex. cot, cut, kite, kit
Magic e: consonant, vowel, consonant + e makes the vowel say its name and the e is silent. 


Writer's Workshop: 
Students will soon be decorating their writer's notebook and gathering ideas for writing!  More updates to come!

 "Picture books, like poems, need word by word polishing." -Jane Yolen

**Remember:  Good writers write --- try keeping a journal at home or writing a story to share with me!  I would love to hear it!

Reader's Workshop:

Students will be learning about how to choose "Just Right Books" for Read to Self time.  They will have a special spot in the room to read and learn how to apply lessons we learn to the books they read.

"Reading is TV for your brain!"  
(quote from a former student)

Does your child have a Saddle Brook Public Library Card? 
It's free and kids love to pick out their own books! It's a great motivator for those who are "bored" with the books you already have!

 Pizza Hut Book-it : An amazing motivator!  Earn rewards: Pizza! Stickers! Credit on class credit card! 

Starting in October, students will be recording minutes read each night.  Reading and writing go hand in hand...the more they read, the better they will write!

**Please be sure to record the minutes read on your child's calendar the end of the month, rewards will be given and the whole class will clap for your child!



Students will take their math book home on hw days...please review the day's lesson with them - it will show you how the concept was taught and help with completing homework!

We will soon start minute drills where students learn math facts at their own pace.  Memorized math facts means better number sense and better preparedness for solving more difficult math problems!



Earn flames for your rocket when you pass levels!
We alternate doing units of SS and Science.  

Social Studies:  


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Thank you for your support each and every day! 


Dear Parents,


Sometimes the right book is all it takes to nurture a child's love of reading. That's why I'm pleased that our class participates in Scholastic Book Clubs!


The Book Club flyers I'll be sending home are full of just-right, affordable books.  

Ordering online helps our class to earn bonus points which I can use to get more books and resources for our classroom!

Thank you for helping grow your child's love of reading and for supporting our class.  Please follow the blue directions on the right to submit an order. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Astorino



Ordering online is fast and easy:




• Click "add a child" and fill out info.  ENTER the Class Activation Code where it says "connect to a teacher"        code:  F3QPF.  Click save.


• Then, CHOOSE from thousands of print titles, value packs, and Storia eBooks


• SUBMIT the order 


Please do not send in cash or check, I only accept online orders!