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Our Schedule
8:00-8:20 Check in and morning message
8:20- 8:40 Whole group Language Arts
8:40- 9:40 Daily 5
9:40- 10:00 Recess
10:00-11:10  Math Whole Group and Math groups
11:10- 11:40 Lunch
11:45--12:00 Pemanship (M,T, Th, F)  Wed- Gym (11:40-1:10)
12:00-12:45  Read Aloud / Writer's Workshop 
12:45-1:00  Snack
1:00- 1:10  bathroom and pack for dismissal 
1:10-2:10 Mon- Music/ Gym Tues-Library and Guidance Thursday-Art Fri-Gym (1:10-1:40) 
2:10-2:35 Recess 
2:35-2:40 pick up and pack up - Dismissal

     Academic Expectations
Students are expected to participate in daily discussions, come prepared for class, and complete given assignments daily.
Students are expected to try their best at school and on homework.
We follow the H.E.R.O. Guidelines.
H= honesty
E= effort
R= respect and responsibility
O= concern  and helping others

     Grading Policy
All student work is graded with a 1-4 rubric.
         1- Does not meet expectations.
         2- Partially Proficient
         3- Proficient
         4- Proficient with Distinction

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