Welcome to our Seventh & Eighth Grade Math Page!

Covid-19 has changed our world. 
We are now conducting school via "Distance Learning". 
Students who have internet access are expected to check into our Google Classrooms each day for access to the day's assignments and information. They are then to email their work to Mrs. Post for comments, reviews, and/or grades. These first two weeks are exploratory learning, i.e. learning how to learn online. Beginning March 30 we will resume regular math work with paper math journals distributed via the bus/van lunch delivery program (or can be picked up at school by parents). pdf copies of the work will also be available in Google Classroom.

Thank you to parents and caregivers for supporting students in their efforts to continue their learning without interruption!

*Create an office/learning space for each child with pencils, paper, ruler, etc. Let them decorate and make it their own.
*Establish a daily routine of when schoolwork is to be done.
*Establish outside time, even for older students.

Academic Expectations
Students are expected to abide by our PIRATE code, as outlined below, in all aspects of their school day. Doing so will prepare them for success in both academics and citizenship.

Problem solver

Defines problems, frames questions, and makes predictions.

Generates and evaluates a variety of solutions.

Uses information, opportunities, resources, and technology to solve problems.

Integrative & informed thinker

Uses previously learned knowledge and skills to apply to real life situations.

Uses ingenuity to evaluate and synthesize information from multiple sources.

Applies ideas across content areas to understand the interaction of related parts.

Responsible & involved citizen

Participates positively and is considerate of others.

Accepts responsibility for personal decisions and actions.

Appropriate communicator

Is clear and open in exchanging ideas and directions with others.

Adjusts communication based on audience.

Thoughtful learner

Sets goals and is self-directed.

Is determined and shows concern for quality towards academic, athletic, and social tasks.

Demonstrates independence and flexibility in learning.

Engaged learner

Takes initiative and perseveres in challenging situations.

Is physically and mentally present.

Grading Policy
Student participation and work is graded on a 1-4 scale.
1=Does not meet expectations.
2=Partially proficient.
4=Proficient with distinction.

       Much of our day-to-day work is done in a learning workshop format within the class period and is not considered an "assignment". However when students are given an assignment, it is expected to be completed and returned by the due date, which is usually the following class day.
       Students are expected to spend 15 minutes per academic day working on Moby Max Math, which they access via their clever.com accounts. Moby Max assesses students with a placement test several times during the year. Students have just been taking these placement tests at the beginning of Trimester 3. Then Moby Max presents each student with math content based on his/her level of performance and progresses him/her through the Common Core State Standards of Mathematics all the way to the end of grade 8. Those students who have demonstrated mastery of all of these standards are to work on a similar math program, Khan Academy, for 15 minutes per academic day.  I monitor student progress at least weekly and often more frequently.

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