Welcome to the Piscataquis Community Secondary School (PCSS) 
Library Home Page

The PCSS Library serves students attending the high school and middle school in Guilford, MainE. We are dedicated to providing resources that can enhance the school curriculum. Our collection includes E-Reference Books, biographies, graphic novels,  fiction, non-fiction, an audio and dvd collection, as well as access to the Maine Marvel database and other internet sources. The PCSS Library provides a relaxing, academic environment where students can learn and grow.Research skills are taught in the library environment at the middle and high school level.
Students learn to use keywords to focus their search, and essential questions to add greater depth to their analysis. They evaluate websites in order to distinguish authoritative sources for their information, and explore copyright laws and rules of source citations. 

These classes teach research standards skills (American Library Association) which require that students:
  "1) inquire, think critically, & gain knowledge;
    2) draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situations, & create new knowledge;
    3) share knowledge & participate ethically & productively as members of our democratic society;
    4) pursue personal & aesthetic growth." (http://www.ala.org/aasl/sites/ala.org.aasl/files/content/guidelinesandstandards/learningstandards/AASL_LearningStandards.pdf)