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27 February 2017

Hello Everyone,

Check out the new Newbery and Caldecott winners.

Charlotte & Gail

Great News! We now have our chapter and picture books entered into the Evergreen Data Base. Connect to the below link, pick our school and search for books by: Title, Author or Topic.

Evergreen Maine Balsam Libraries     

ALA's Newbery Listing



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Really enjoyed the last book you read and want to read something in the same vein? Check out the linked site:     Find A Book   


The Following curriculum has been established for the PCES Library.

For Pre-K: Each week students are read a book that corresponds with that week's pre-k curriculum.The students receive weekly lessons that develop book and library usage skills.

For Grades K-3rd: Each month, each grade is read a different version of the eight classic fairytales, a literary classic and a recently published book. The students receive weekly library resource lessons. 

For Grades 4th-6th: Each month each grade receive hands on practical Dewey lessons that correspond with one of the ten segments of the Dewey decimal system.