Unit: Welcome to School       


Unit 1:Family
Unit 2: Friends
Unit 3:Wind and Water
Unit 4:World of Color
Unit 5: Shadows and Reflections
Unit 6:Things that Grow

Our literacy units last 4 weeks with an in-between week. The in-between week is either used to get caught up on the unit or for lessons around child's interests.

Module 1:Exploring Patterns
Module 2:Comparin Measurements Attributes
Module 3: Investigating Numbers 1 to 5
Module 4:Exploring Space
Module 5:Displaying and Interpreting Data
Module 6:Investigating Numbers 6 to 10
Module 7:Ordering Measurements Attributes
Module 8:Exploring Shape
Module 9:Comparing and Ordering 1 to 10
Module 10: Exploring Duration of Time
Module 11: Investigating Relative Positions of Numbers 1 to 10
Module 12:Informal Addition and Subtraction

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