7th & 8th Grade SCIENCE

 Welcome to Mrs. Moulton's Home Page
Courses Taught and Schedule:
8-2 Science- 9:10-10:10
8-1 Science- 10:10-11:10  
7-2 Science- 11:25-12:10 & 1:10-1:25
7-1 Science- 1:40-2:40

Academic Expectations
*Be on time and prepared
*Stay on task when given an assignment
*Help others and accept help and suggestions when given
*Take responsibility for your own learning
*Give your BEST effort
*Follow Lab/Safety Expectations

Grading Policy
30% Formative Assessments (Classwork, Homework/Group Work, Labs/Quizzes/ScienceLog
70% Summative Assessments (Projects/Test/Portfolio)

-If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.
-Check PowerSchool weekly to help keep track of your success.
***You need to remember that you are responsible for your own learning.  Asking questions, participating in class, and helping other when give the chance, will not only help your grades, but will also help you become a more successful learner.  Give it a try!  Who knows, you may even have some fun!

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