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"I believe that children are capable of amazing things"  Mary Cowhey Black Ants and Buddhists

Academic Expectations

I expect all students to give their very best effort in class each day.  I do not expect students to be perfect, I do expect them to try.  The focus in the classroom is on making progress or improvements with each and every learning activity, I refer to this as having a growth mindset.  I try to teach students to challenge themselves to work hard and grow with every assignment and to focus on how to get better regardless of their grades and past achievement.  Grades are based on standards and provide a framework for where students should focus their growth.  They are not a punishment or an indication of intelligence, but recommendations for how to improve.  All kids are intelligent and are capable of improvement!   

Grading Policy

All grading is standards based using the Common Core Standards.  

4=Meets the standard with distinction
3=Meeting the Standard
2=Partially Meeting the Standard
1=Not Meeting The Standard 

Guiding principles are a good indication of a student's communication, effort, participation and responsibility in class.  These should be the primary focus to know if your student is doing what they are expected to do in class.  Academic grades, as mentioned above give an indication of where the student is with a particular standard.  They are not an indication of their effort.  Please use the guiding principles for the purpose of keeping your student engaged and on task in class and use the academic grades for the purpose of providing extra help to your student at home.  Please contact me for more information and clarification on this topic.  

This page was last updated on 8/28/14