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Greek and Latin Roots

What are Greek and Latin Roots?

New words are also created when words or word elements, such as roots, prefixes, and suffixes, are combined in new ways.Many English words and word elements can be traced back to Latin and Greek. Often you can guess the meaning of an unfamiliar word if you know the meaning.

Elements are the smallest parts that add meaning to written words. For instance, repainted contains three elements: re + paint + ed. The element re- at the front of the word adds the meaning “again.” The element -ed at the end of the word adds the meaning “in the past” or “action completed.” The element paint in the middle of the word gives the word its basic meaning, “paint.”

Elements like re- at the front of words are called prefixes. Elements like -ed at the end of words are called suffixes. And elements like paint that give the word its basic meaning are called bases.

Bases like paint that can stand free as separate words are called free bases. But many bases cannot stand free as words — for instance, the base cept occurs in words like reception, perception, concept, intercept, and accept, but we do not have a word spelled <cept>, so cept is not a free base. Bases like cept that cannot stand free as separate words are called bound bases.

Thus, we are learning these roots to help you figure out the meaning of unknown words. You will come in contact with unknown words when you read different materials and when taking standardized tests. By study these roots unknown words will seem a breeze to figure out!

What are the resources to help learn Greek and Latin Roots?

Greek and Latin Root Dictionary-My Favorite
My Vocabulary- Root Masters! (AMAZING!!)
OneLook- has definitions of words and Greek/Latin Roots- GREAT TOOL!
Root Word Dictionary
Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words
Learn That Word

Do not forget to use Quia- there are games and flashcards on the site for you with the roots!

Greek and Latin Root Worksheets

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Greek and Latin Suffixes! Your Precursor List!

             Greek and Latin Suffixes- Examples (by Cassidy Lovely)

Prezi's To Learn The Greek and Latin Roots

These are the Prezi's for the Greek and Latin root list #4:
Prezi- Greek and Latin Roots- Week 2

What If I Do Not Like My Quiz Grade?

If you do not like your quiz grade you can take all of the roots from that week's quiz and find words that have that root in them. You then have to email/share that document with me for me to review. Grammar, punctuation, and how well you use the word to show your knowledge of the root counts towards your grade.

Fill out one of these forms, or if the root is not listed make your own form and fill out all portions.  

Here is an exemplar- expected in 3rd trimester:

Extra Credit For Greek and Latin Roots Test- List 4 Week 1
Lea Pelletier
It was a cold, snowy, windy day. I was in the middle of the lake, standing on the ice. I zipped up my jacket as far as it could go so my cheeks wouldn't get whipped by the blistery wind. It seemed like no matter what I did to try and keep warm, the cold and snow would get to me somehow. The wind however was the worst part, eating at me every time a some of my skin showed. I was getting pretty hungry, but I didn't know what I should do. There was nobody with me, and I was stranded in the middle of an unknown place. As far as I knew, there was nobody around for miles. As I looked to my right, I noticed something sticking out of the snow. I rushed over to it, and started to dig around it to get a closer look. To my astonishment, it was an auger, and a fishing pole. Maybe I can try to catch some fish, I thought. Let me tell you something, I have never drilled an ice hole in my life, much less used an auger. This is going to be interesting. Miraculously there was soon a perfectly oblique hole at my feet. I stuck the fishing hook down into the hole and waited. After about five or ten minutes, I could feel tugging at my line. I reeled it up slowly... Hanging on the end was a fish! Excitedly, I unhooked it and laid it on the snow. Pretty soon the smell of fish corpse was in the air. I was starving, and there was a perfectly good fish just sitting there but I had no idea how to cook it. Maybe so we here on the lake there would be a loose branch that the wind had blown from the woods. I decided to go searching, and left my fish there, because I would be back soon. When I was about thirty feet from where I was fishing, I looked back and saw a carnivorous coyote pick up my fish,and then dash away with it. I knew there was no chance of me catching the coyote, so I just sat down. I was feeling like a loser, I mean who would leave their only source of food laying right in harms way. Anyways, I got up and proceeded to get back to my ice hole to catch another fish when I looked to the distance and saw something massive spinning towards me. I took another good look and realized it was some type of huge cyclone. I also realized that it was coming straight towards me. I started running as fast as I could go. I had no idea where I was going, but I know I had to get away form that thing. I looked over my shoulder and it was about ten feet in back of me. I could hear the whooshing, the cyclone didn't care what it destroyed. It destroyed what ever was in its path, and unfortunately right now that was me. I kept running and running but it seemed the more I ran the closer it got. All of a sudden..... I sat upright panting. (From all the running I guess.) I looked around, I wasn't on a barren lake being chased by a tornado. I was in my bed and it was the middle of the night. "Phew!" Thank god that was a dream. I laid back down, rolled over on my side and drifted back to sleep.

Here is an exemplar:
We had in introduction about the Holocaust, before we began our presentation.

I was so happy when I finished my book The Cage, because I was very curious if Riva would make it out alive in the end.

The mortuary was filled with lots of people grieving about their friend who unfortunately didn't make it out safely from his car crash.

In my urban area there is lots of taxis, sky-scrapers, and movie stars.

Divide and Conquer Worksheets

Remember to sign onto Quia to find this worksheets, which are due on Tuesday's (when you take your quiz!). The worksheets are labeled as a quiz but they are only counted as a homework grade. These worksheets are labeled as Divide and Conquer List 2 Week ____(the week will be whatever week we are on). 

You are allowed to do the worksheets three times, and remember to use the resources listed on this page, along with your list of root words.