One responsibly of the FSDC committee is to help in the selection process of several important awards available to members of our employee community. 

Two awards are given for excellence, determined by your nominations and supporting statements.
  1. Esther Rossi Award for Community Development, which focuses on Goal IV - "Building community as a Christian value.";
  2. Niehaus Family President’s Excellence Award, initiated in 2013 for excellence. 
  • The deadline for submission of your nominations for these awards is Tuesday, December 1, 2020.
The following awards for unique professional development are determined through an application process.
  1. Sr. Mary Mardel Fund for Professional Development is given to a member of the elementary schools’ faculty;
  2. Sr. Ann Conroy Award Fund for Professional Development is awarded to a member of the staff or high schools’ faculty.
  • The deadline for the Professional Development Awards application is Tuesday, December 1, 2020.
We hope that you will be thinking about who you may wish to nominate for the Excellence Awards and to also be thinking about that special professional development opportunity you may hope to pursue in the future.

All awards are announced at the President's New Year's Assembly and Party early in the spring semester. 
Fusco Family Awards in Support of Educational Excellence In Honor of:
  1. Lawrence Fusco for the Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit
    • Awarded to that community member who enriches the life of the school and larger community.
  2. Ellie Fusco for Education 
    • Awarded to that community member who captures the heart of an educator.
  3. Millie Fusco for Professional Development 
    • Awarded to that community member who inspires aspiration and passion.
These awards were first awarded in 2016 and are the responsibility of the FSDC committee.

2020-2021 Committee Members are:
President Ann Marie Krejcarek: Administration  
Belle Akers: Convent Elementary
Lindsay MacGarva: High School 
Paul Chow: Central Services
Natalie Ohanessian: Stuart Hall For Boys 

NOTE: The FSDC and Division Heads collaborate to select representation. Committee members serve a three year term.