Mrs. Engel Pre- K 4 Year olds 
Contact Me:
Ph 763-537-1329 ext 228

My background:
This will be my 17th year teaching and my 6th year at SHCS. I'm also the K-8 Art Teacher. 

My undergraduate degree is from The College of St. Benedict and my teaching certification and masters in education is from the College of St. Catherine. I also completed  my STEM certificate program through the College of St. Catherine in the 2016/17 school year.  

I am the proud parent of 3 adult children. My husband Greg and I live in Plymouth.

My philosophy:
Preschoolers learn through exploratory and structured play that emphasizes inquiry and exploration.The children are immersed in literacy activities as well. Jesus fits into everything we do and God's love and knowledge of God is at the center of this program.

                   RAM PRIDE


Faithful Beginnings Preschool

4/5 MWF  8-1l    

Check in

Circle Time

8:20-8:45 (M/F)
Large Motor/Outside


        8:45-9:10 Wednesday
Open Gym 


Bathroom break


9:45 -10:30 
Centers and Small Groups

Clean up

Review the Day and Pack Up 

*Our schedule varies based on the day and our schedule 
*Transitions are built into our schedule.

Coming up:
9/14 Curriculum Night
9/18 Clix Photos
9/28 Virtus training

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Go to https://clubs2.scholastic.com  and enter our classroom's code LLL4K. 
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Back to School, Apples, Autumn
Reading -Little Red Riding Hood
Religion: God Created the World, God Made Me Special, We Talk to God 

Christopher Columbus, Pumpkins, 
Halloween All Saints
Reading-The Three Bears
Religion- God Keeps his Promise, Jesus is God's Son, Jesus Cares for Our Needs

Elections, Thanksgiving,
Reading La Tortuga, 
Religion- Saints, Jesus is the Good Shepherd, We Thank You God, We wait for Jesus with Joy, Advent
St. Nicholas, Advent and Christmas,
prepare for the Christmas concert,
Reading-Elves and the Shoemaker
Religion- Jesus Helps us, My Family Cares for Me, Jesus is Born
Winter, Martin Luther King, Polar animals, 
Reading- Jingles, Poems and Rhymes, 
Religion- Jesus Comes for All People, Jesus is Our King, We Live as Jesus Taught
Groundhog Day, Valentine Day, President's Day
Reading- The Nightingale
Religion- We Celebrate Together, We Love God and Each Other, We Help The Church, Our Lenten Walk With Jesus 
Dr. Seuss, St. Patricks Day Spring, 
Reading City Mouse and Country Mouse, 
Religion, The Church Prays all Year, Jesus Cares for His Friends 
Easter, Birds, Seeds, Eggs, Bugs
Reading- CityMouse and Country Mouse, Tug of War, 
Religion, We follow the Rules, Jesus is Risen, Jesus Teaches to Love
Mothers, Fathers, Gardens
Reading- Peter and the Wolf, ABC Books 
Religion- God Forgives us and Helps us, We Learn to Forgive, Jesus Returns to Heaven, The Holy Spirit Helps the Church