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Welcome to the Pre-K 4/5 home page.
We have a new reading program this year it is called "Happily Ever After" that transitions into our Superkids reading program for K-2.  I am very excited about this new program. 

Happily Ever After focuses on the following:
  • Story structure and appreciation through listening to classic children's literature
  • Print and book awareness skills
  • Letter recognition
  • Fine motor skills, such as drawing lines, using scissors, folding, and gluing
  • Auditory discrimination and phonological awareness skills
  • 10 colors and 8 shapes, such as line, dot, and circle
  • Listening to and following directions
  • Instructional concepts and vocabulary, such as underlining, following an arrow, and circling.
  • Vocabulary such as same, different, in, on, top, middle, bottom
  • Oral language development
  • Emergent writing through dictation
Centers are utilized for instruction to enhance the curriculum that may include reading, writing, art projects, hands-on activities for math such as sorting, matching, and exploring STEM.
Specialists weekly:   Library, Physical Education, and technology
Outdoor Play:  Recess daily

Class size:  Maximum 20 students/day

Teacher:student ratio:   10:1
(Includes a teacher with a para professional)

AM Drop off:   7:15-8:00 a.m.  No charge
Class begins at 8:00 a.m.

After school care is available from 2:15-5:45 pm for additional fee.

Hot lunch available through Taher Catering or students may bring a lunch.

Beginning 2017-2018 school year:
Bussing is not provided for Pre-K through Robbinsdale School District.

General Information:

Daily Schedule

7:15-7:45                            Puzzles and games
7:45-8:00                            Pick up
8:00                                     Class begins

8:00-8:30                            Calendar, show & tell and new concepts

8:30-8:50                            Large/Small group. Happily Ever After (3 lessons a week, name and word writing.

8:50-9:00                            Dress for recess

9:00-9:15                            Recess

9:15-9:20                            Bathroom break
9:20-9:35           Snack
9:30-10:45                         Centers Math, science, writing and Dramatic Play.

               (Mon – technology 10:15, Tues.-library 10:05, Wed. - gym 10:20

10:45-11:15                        Religion/ Music

11:15-11:25                        Bathroom Break

11:25-11:50                        Lunch

11:55-12:00                        Bathroom Break

12:00-12:20                        Wind down time Music and stories.

12:20-1:15                          Rest Time

1:05-1:50                            Group and STEM time.

1:50-2:00                            Get ready to leave and choice time until kids club.

This schedule is subject to change. Transitions are built into the schedule.


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