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Welcome to the Pre-K 4/5 home page.
Our reading program is called "Happily Ever After", it transitions into our "Superkids" reading program that is used in K-2.   

Happily Ever After focuses on the following:
  • Story structure and appreciation through listening to classic children's literature
  • Print and book awareness skills
  • Letter recognition
  • Fine motor skills, such as drawing lines, using scissors, folding, and gluing
  • Auditory discrimination and phonological awareness skills
  • 10 colors and 8 shapes, such as line, dot, and circle
  • Listening to and following directions
  • Instructional concepts and vocabulary, such as underlining, following an arrow, and circling.
  • Vocabulary such as same, different, in, on, top, middle, bottom
  • Oral language development
  • Emergent writing through dictation
Centers are utilized for instruction to enhance the curriculum that may include reading, writing, art projects, hands-on activities for math such as sorting, matching, and exploring STEM. 

We believe in giving reminders of the rules  or redirecting students behavior to ensure all the students can learn in the classroom. Each student is unique. We encourage them to use and grow their special gifts and we work on helping them with their struggles.
Specialists weekly:   Library, Physical Education, and 

Spirit Buddies: We meet every other week with our 3rd grade spirit buddies. We play, read, do STEM activities together.
Outdoor Play:  Recess daily

Class size:  Maximum 20 students/day

Teacher:student ratio:   10:1
(Includes a teacher with a para professional)

AM Drop off:   7:20-8:00 a.m.  No charge for full day students. Part day students come from 8:30-11:30.

After school care is available from 2:10-5:45 pm for additional fee.

Hot lunch available through Taher Catering or students may bring a lunch.

Busing is not provided for Pre-K.

General Information:

Daily Schedule

7:20-7:55                            Choice time.
7:55-8:45                            Small groups (Weather chart and                                                  name practice).
8:30                                     Half Day starts

8:45-9:20                            Projects and Centers Math, science,                                              writing and Dramatic Play.

        Mon – Library 10:15, Tues.-Technology 8:20, Wed. - gym 10:50

9:20-9:30                            Clean up/Dress for recess

9:30-10:00                           Recess

10:00-10:05                         Bathroom Break

10:05-10:15                         Snack

10:20-10:35                         Circle time (calendar, story, Show and                                                                    Tell)         
10:35-10:55                         Religion

10:55-11:15                        Large/Small group. Happily Ever After (3 lessons a week, name and word writing.)

11:15-11:40                        Story and music

11:30                                  Half day Ends

11:40-45                             Bathroom Break

11:45-12:15                       Lunch

12:20-12:30                        Bathroom Break

12:30-1:15                         Rest Time

1:15-1:50                          Reinforcing concepts

1:50-2:00                           Pack up for the day.

This schedule is subject to change. Transitions are built into the schedule.


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