Welcome to First Grade!

Ms. Byrne
Grade 1 
My name is Mary Byrne and this will be my eighth year at Sacred Heart School and my twenty-first
year of teaching.  I am excited to be teaching first grade again!
I believe in teaching and celebrating the whole child - academically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I strive to keep my classroom filled with laughter and positive thinking. I feel it is truly important to have fun while learning, to always try your best and to act in the image and likeness of God. 

I believe that teaching is a partnership between parents, students, and teachers. With parents being the primary educators of their children, it is my goal to assist parents in any way that I can to maximize their child's educational experience. I encourage parents to come to school, and participate in their child's education. Through volunteering experiences within the school, the classroom, and extracurricular activities, parents are showing their child the value they place on their education. Working together and forming this partnership enhances the child's growth.  

I firmly believe in the value and benefit of a Catholic based education. Through the development of each child's spirituality, they grow to know and love God in a deeper way. The child, through scripture, prayer and social justice, learn to become people of God, exhibiting moral responsibility and strong Catholic values.


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