Welcome to Kindergarten

My Philosophy:

I believe all children should have the opportunity to learn in an environment where it is fun, hands on and school is a place where they want to come back each day!  Kindergarten is a place to learn and grow through curriculum and everyday experiences through out the year! Every child is a child of God and being a part of the community of Sacred Heart Catholic School is a wonderful place to start!

My Background:

I graduated from St. Mary's University with a degree in Elementary Education. I have been teaching at Sacred Heart for 19years.  I
have spent the last 2 years teaching kindergarten and the previous 7 years teaching 3 year old Pre-K, as well as 9 years in grades 1-4, with the majority of the years teaching first grade.  I am happy to bring my experience of teaching first grade into the kindergarten classroom!
My husband Dave and I have two boys.  Peter is a 4th grader at Sacred Heart and Michael is  three.  In addition, we have a yellow lab named Kaycee.  I love spending time with my family going on walks or to the park.  I enjoy gardening and cooking!

My Family

Here's what's Happening

We are loving getting to learn about the Super Kids.  What an accomplishment,  we have been introduced to all the Super Kids. The "kids" are now going to help introduce the other letters of the alphabet and help us to put the letters together to make new words.  We are seeing more and more vowels in the words we spell and read.  We learned that q and u are best friends and always stick together.

In math, we are  counting simple amounts of money.  Pennies, nickels and dimes.  We have been using dominos to help add numbers as well!  In Religion, we have been practicing a new prayer "Glory Be."