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Notes to musicians for Symphony of 1000


* Please bring a music stand! A sturdy metal one if you have it with your name on it.

We are requesting that you wear your event t-shirt on the day of the concert. Please dress comfortable. It’s going to be a long and intense afternoon.

*Allow time for parking.

*Bring a pencil

*Please put your name or some sort of identifying label on your instrument case. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!

*Bring a snack. Water will be provided. There will NOT be a lunch break so please eat a good lunch before you come.

*If you are playing the beginning music you will play only that.

*If you are playing the intermediate level, you will play both intermediate and beginning level music.

*If you are playing the advanced level music, you will play all three categories.

*Please put music in concert order, and place in a three ring binder so it will be easy to turn pages as necessary. See program order below.

*Rehearsal will be a run-through in concert order except for the Anthem which we will rehearse after the Elementary group is seated after 2:00pm.

*Conductor is there mostly to provide a clear beat. His image will be displayed one huge screen that will be easy to see. 

*Take all repeats as written.

*The first piece we all play, the National Anthems Medley, we will ALL play together.

Please note: In the China anthem, repeat bars 9-11

                       In the France anthem, repeat bars 59-61

                      The Ode to Joy—repeat in its entirety


*Great Gate of Kiev is conducted in 2

*New World Symphony---no diminuendo on last chord

*Aragonaise-last note in strings will be pizzicato

*Stars and Stripes-piccolos please stand at the solo passage.

** Please bring a music stand!
                                                           Symphony of 1000 Program

All Groups will Play Together

 Anthem medley


Advanced group only


Colonel Bogey March-Alford


Stars and Stripes Forever-Sousa


Intermediate and advanced group

Great gate of Kiev-Moussorgsky, arr. Reibold


Alborada - Rimsky-Korsakov, arr. Isaac


New World Symphony, Dvorak, arr. Meyer


Prelude from Carmen Suite, Bizet, arr. Kriechbaum


Beginning, intermediate and advanced groups

Hallelujah Chorus, Handel, arr. M. J. Isaac/R. Suleiman


Can-Can –Offenbach,arr. Meyer


Aragonaise from Carmen-Bizet, arr. Meyer


Radetzky March-J. Strauss, arr. Meyer


Ode to Joy, Beethoven, arr.D.R. Bellwood

1. Can parents stay for the rehearsal: Yes, as long as you have purchased your tickets at the website you can sit in the audience section anywhere you like. The concert will be open seating.


2. Will there be a lunch break before the the concert? No. Please make sure you and your children have had a good lunch before you check in at noon and bring several snacks. There will be a small break right before the concert but I strongly recommend that you give your child the snacks to keep with them on the floor of the Memorial. There will be no visiting space or time after the rehearsal and before the concert.


3. After the concert will I be able to go down to the main floor and see our child? Not really. I am asking parents, friends and family to please move outside the Memorial Auditorium to see your child after the concert. Moving 1000 musicians to the rooms where their cases are and getting them out of the auditorium will be hard enough so we can't have friends and family trying to make their way down to the performance area to see their child. It just wont work. Thank you for understanding.


4. Is food allowed on the floor of the Memorial? Yes and water bottles will be provided to all players as well.


5. Do parents get 2 free tickets to the concert? No, This event is outside the regular SYS concert season because it is a community event so all audience members must purchase tickets through the website. Go here to buy tickets.


6. If my child needs to change what group they are playing in: Advanced, Intermediate or Elementary what should we do? Just make sure they have printed out the correct music for themselves and bring it with them on the 12th, they will be seated in the correct section. Make sure and tell the door greeters what section your student is in and there will signs everywhere with information.


The SYS default seating arrangement is: 

Premier players sit in the Advanced section


Academic and some Classic players (depending on skill level and what the child thinks they can play) should be in the Intermediate


Vivace and Prelude should be in Elementary group

Please consult with your SYS conductor and get their opinion if you need to to.


7. Will parents be allowed to videotape the event on the main floor near their child? No, but you can film whatever you like from your seat in the audience seating area. This event is being filmed by Access Sacramento for broadcast on local access TV. Please respect this request. No video equipment will be allowed on the main floor by family members. 

More Notes from the 10/3 email:

Great News! We hit our goal of 1000 musicians. This email contains some VERY important information for all Symphony of 1000 musicians so please read carefully and post this email somewhere so between today and the 12th you can remind yourself of this important information.

#1...and this is a big news item.
In order to make check-in and seating easier I have decided to stagger the arrival time of the three(3) orchestra levels:

Advanced Level Check-in Time: 12:00pm

Intermediate Level Check-in Time: 1:00pm

Elementary Level Check-in Time: 2:00pm

With this new check-in time plan I will be able to get the 3 groups checked-in, t-shirts handed out, have cases put away and seat that group instead of trying to seat everybody at once. I think this will make everything run much more smoothly.

As soon as the Advanced Level is seated we will begin their rehearsal and when the Intermediate group comes in at 1pm they will join the rehearsal and so on. If you have any questions about this please contact me but it should be very clear. If your arrival time has not come yet you will have to wait to be checked-in and seated unless you have more that one player with you in different levels. In this case we will just ask you to wait in the hallway until your check-in time.

Sheet Music Message for Advanced Players

As the Advanced players now by now the Meistersinger was taken off the program. We just would not have enough time to rehearse the piece.

Also, Advanced players please go back to the 1000 website and go into your music folder in the Sheet Music tab and print the Ode To Joy lower string parts form your side-by-side folder. They were just posted and we apologize for the oversight.

More info to come.....

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