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Southern and Eastern Africa Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality

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  • Organisations and Initiatives:
  • Search:
  • Statistics:
  • Useful websites:
    • World Time Server - Find the current time in any country or major city.
    • World Leaders - a regularly updated online directory of Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments.

  • Organizations and Initiatives for Education in Africa

    Related to ICT for Education (Information and Communications Technologies)

    Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

    Free Software and Tools


    Educational software & games for the classroom

    • Celestia - A free space simulation that lets you explore the universe in three dimensions. You can travel throughout the solar system, to any of over 100,000 stars, or even beyond the galaxy.
    • StatPlanet - Free software for exploring world development statistics on an interactive world map, including statistics on health, education, demographics and economics. Has both online and offline versions.
    • TuxPaint - A great free drawing program for young children, with different brush types and special effects.
    • Tux Scrabble Games - Several free language and math games based on scrabble.
    • TuxMath - A free game for learning math.
    • TuxTyping - A free game for learning how to type.

    Office applications

    • OpenOffice : Currently the most popular free alternative to Microsoft Office. It can open and save files in Microsoft Office format. The suite includes Writer (similar to Word), Calc (similar to Excel) and Impress (similar to Powerpoint).
    • AbiWord: a smaller (5 MB) and faster alternative to Microsoft Word and Open Office Writer (which can open/save files in Microsoft Word format).
    • Gnumeric : another free alternative to Microsoft Excel (which can open/save files in Microsoft Excel format).


    • VLC Player - A free & popular audio/video player that plays virtually anything. 

    School management

    • Open Admin for Schools - A free web-based School Administration Program. Features include the recording of student and faculty information, attendance rates, online gradebook and a report card system.


    • PDF (see also: What is PDF):
      • Foxit PDF reader: Small and fast program for opening PDF Files. (less than 2 MB).
      • Acrobat Reader : Bulkier and slower PDF reader, but with more options for advanced users. Note that this is a large download. (over 27 MB).
      • PDFCreator : a tool for creating PDF files from any program that is able to print.
      • PDF to Word convertor: convert PDF files to Word documents.
      • 7-ZIP : a tool for compressing and archiving files. It can open/unpack files with extensions such as ".ZIP" and ".RAR".

    Web development

    • Moodle E-learning Platform - A popular free alternative to Blackboard for creating online courses with opportunities for rich interaction.
    • NVU - A free web page editor with a graphical user interface similar to FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

    Other useful free software

    Journals of Education - Subscription based

    Books and Resources with a focus on Education

    International Organisations

    Education Statistics

    • undata - A data search engine which searches through multiple UN databases.
    • World Bank Database of Education Statistics - Makes a variety of national and international data sources (such as UIS and OECD) available in one location, and compiles World Bank data on pertinent education topics.

    Cross-National Studies of the Quality of Education:

    Health Statistics

    Search Directories

    Search Engines

    • Academic Databases and Search Engines – An extensive list (from Wikipedia)
    • EduTube Educational Videos - Search videos by category, video type and more
    • ERIC Search - Search the world’s largest digital library of education literature
    • Google – The world's most popular search engine 
    • Google Scholar – Search scholarly literature
    • Google Books - Search through the large number of books which are freely downloadable from the Internet. To search only for books for which the entire text is available, select the option 'Full view books".
    • Google Maps - Find your way around the world.
    • undata - A data search engine which searches through multiple UN databases.

    Statistics Resources

    Statistics Tools