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Art Room Mission Statement

The “Art Room Mission” is a statement that I’ve created to hang outside my classroom.  It presents the students with a brief visual explanation of my goals and expectations throughout my art classes and the outcomes of what I would like them to learn and understand at the end of each year. 

“In my art room, it is my goal to enhance the creativity of all students and to explore their abilities to express themselves throughout their art.  The use of various materials to help develop each child’s ability so they are able to reach their maximum potential. Students will be able to apply problem solving techniques to art tasks and apply the knowledge learned to their educational future and everyday life. To appreciate the work the students create, as well as the history of art where it originates.  To have the confidence and believe “they can” beyond their elementary years and appreciate for their entire lives.”             



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I look forward to this AWESOME year in ART!!!

Ms. Grempel