Hi there! I've been working in education since 2011 after 20+ years in the private sector. I have worked in many industries implementing technology including television, medical, restaurant, and oil/gas. Upon my initial arrival to education, I was introduced to an entirely new world, and a new way of thinking. Some things simply didn't make sense to me, and others created "aha" moments.

I have helped create and implement 1:1 Chromebooks and Google Apps at two school districts in Texas. I am always looking for unique and innovative products that can be utilized in education to help enhance student learning. I first introduced students to 3D printing in 2011, and quickly developed that into an "all classrooms" makerspace approach. I'm currently developing drones curriculum that will not only enhance core curriculum, but specific STEM courses as well such as agriculture, photogrammetry, audio/video editing, etc. I also provide my classes with Raspberry Pis, Dashn'Dot, Ozobots, Sphero, and Speedometry by Hot Wheels.

I've always been a hands-on learner, highly energetic, and traditional learning tends to put me asleep. That is why I search for ways to keep students excited and engaged in their learning by helping teachers create projects that amaze students while turning the gears in their heads. I believe students should be allowed to fail and try again as many times as necessary until they have mastered the objective. How many times have we bought a book shelf and put it together wrong? Do you toss it to the side and move on or do you take it apart and try again? Do you read the instructions, only use the picture on the box, or bravely go it alone using just your wits? We all learn differently, and we will all get there when we when we get there.

Dream big, start small; Launch then iterate; Fail fast; Never give up.