Summer School Information
We've gotten a few questions about Summer School -
-We will be having a STAAR Bootcamp for those 5th graders who did not meet expectations on the second administration of the STAAR Reading and Math Tests. This camp will be held June 12th-15th & June 19th. 3rd administration of the STAAR will be June 20th for Math and June 21st for Reading. Scores will come on May 30th and letters regarding camp will be sent out by the end of next week.
-Students with attendance issues will also receive letters to attend the camp to make up for seat time. Days of required attendance will vary based on number of absences. Failure to attend will result in retention.
-Due to various issues, Summer School will not be held for any other students.

Possible Retentions -
-We will wait until STAAR scores come on June 14th, so will will have all available data. We will send out letters for Grade Placement Meetings and begin holding those meetings the following week for students of all grade levels who might be retained.
-5th Graders who were required to take the 3rd administration of the STAAR Reading and Math will not receive scores until July. Letters for grade placement meetings for those students not meeting expectations will go out the first week of August, with meetings following shortly thereafter.

We’re proud to be named a Texas Honor Roll Star School, which recognizes high performing, achievement gap closing schools across the state. The Honor Roll uses student achievement outcomes as the criteria, and is a growing resource for all schools to learn about best practices that increase student achievement. Honor Roll uses data from the non-profit Educational Results Partnership, the largest longitudinally-linked, actionable school system of data in the country.

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  • Students dropped off in the morning at or after 7:45 am, need to be taken to the elementary school, not the cafeteria.
  • Visitors require an ID
  • Students cannot be checked out between 3:15pm and 3:30pm
  • All transportation Changes must be finished by 3:15pm
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