Welcome to the Southern Arizona Masters and Wardens Association.  We are principally composed of the elected officers from each Blue Lodge in Southern Arizona.  Our purpose is to cooperatively share resources to advance Freemasonry in the region.   Our current focus is to the following areas:
          • Establishing a 'Clearing House' for Masonic activities in Southern Arizona
          • Sharing resources to support member bodies and provide broader Masonic experience for our members.
          • Providing "more light" to our members through educational and service opportunities
          • Raising awareness of Freemasonry through Community Outreach
          • Increasing internal and external support for our Masonic Charities
          • Maintaining and growing our Membership base

All dues-paying members of our bodies are welcome to participate and share ideas.  This may be done through their officers or by attending one of our regularly-scheduled meetings.  Which ever way you choose, you will be made most welcome and encouraged to participate in "the work."

Upcoming Events - See Calendar for Details


SEP Stated Meeting 

When ;  Friday, OCT 28, 2016 ~ 7:00 PM
Where:  Sabbar Shrine
             450 S. Tucson Blvd.
             Tucson, AZ  85716