Civil Marriage in Cyprus for Lebanese residents.

Following my experience with the Civil Marriage in Cyprus and due to the fact that my wife and I are lebanese, I decided to prepare this detailed description for all the lebanese couples who wish to celebrate a Civil Marriage in Cyprus.

Three major steps are to be considered:

  1. Preparation in Lebanon
  2. Marriage Ceremony in Cyprus
  3. Marriage certification in Lebanon

For more information concerning addresses and phone numbers, you can locate them in the Civil Marriage Contacts section.

Preparation in Lebanon
Documents required
1. Individual Copy of Extract of Civil Registration
2. Family Copy of Extract of Civil Registration
Both documents can be retrieved from the Registrar of Personal Status from the casa related to the place of birth.
Of course, you can delegate another person to retrieve them, based on a fee.

Documents Certification
1. Translate both documents to english by a sworn translator, sealed and signed.
2. To legalise them, you should seal and sign from the Notary, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in this order. You can perform this task yourself, or you can delegate someone to do it on behalf of you, faster and cleaner, but based on a fee.
3. Finally, you should seal and sign in the Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus, cost 20 pounds (~28USD).

As long as you are travelling, you will need a passport with a valid expiry period covering your stay in Cyprus. If you need to issue a new passport or renew the old one, you need to do the followings before submitting them to the General Security (call 1717) or LibanPost (recommended). The current fees are 60 000 LL for 1 year or 300 000 LL for 5 years. The documents needed are:
1. New identity card with its photocopy, if not available, the civil status certificate certified by the head of the civil status department with its photocopy (the certificate should not be more than 3 months old).
2. Two 4x4 recent photos certified by the mayor.
3. Identification and residence certificate issued by the mayor of registration or residence, including a photo stamped and signed by the mayor.
4. The testimony of 2 witnesses, including an imprint of their right hand thumb and a copy of their civil status certificate.

Visa for all lebanese travelers should be stamped from the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus; or it can be picked up directly from at the Larnaca International Airport, upon arrival. Costs 5 pounds per person.
Marriage Ceremony in Cyprus
Apply for the Marriage
The couple must apply to the marriage officer for the issue of a Marriage by Special License. The purpose is to celebrate their marriage in the course of the next 3 days, which usually occur on the same day if you make it early to the Municipality.

Detailed steps
1. Make it to the Municipality around 8:30am. It is highly recommended to go to Nicosia Municipality because it is near all other departments.
2. Apply for a Marriage by Special License in front of the marriage officer. you should provide them with all the required documents (see above) and the passports of 2 witnesses, which they can provide you with, if you need to.
3. At the assigned scheduled meeting time, you should come back to the Municipality to celebrate the marriage by the Marriage Atorny. Of course you have to pay them 165 Pounds. Finally, don't forget to bring the Original Copy of your Marriage License and make sure to give it to no one.

Marriage Legalization
1. First the Ministry of Foreiner Affairs or Ministry of Justice to legalize it. Costs 2 pounds.
2. Next the Lebanese embassy, you are required to have: the original marriage certificate, legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and 2 photocopies of each documents: Indivial and Family Copy of Extract of Civil Registration, arabic and english, both faces, and the first 4 pages of the passports. you are supposed to pay 9 pounds.
3. For additional certified marriage copies, you must go the Ministry of Interior, that provides you with additional copies for 8 pounds each. But this step is really optional.
Marriage certification in Lebanon
Hard Way
Consists of following your papers all around Lebanon starting from the Lebanese Embassy in Nicosia to the husband Registrar of Personal Status; passing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior and the wife Registrar of Personal Status, in this order. When done, you can finally issue a new Family Copy of Extract of Civil Registration and a Lebanese Marriage Certificate.

Pay Way
Consists of paying someone to do the job for you. It is worth every penny, cause besides being easier, it is faster, especially if you are in a hurry. This way is highly recommended.

Well... Congratulation... You are a new couple are married in Cyprus and officially certified in Lebanon.