About Us

    We are students of all majors coming together with one common interest: to fuel our curiosity and learn more about the field of neuroscience. You may have heard neuroscience referred to as biological psychology, psychobiology, physiological psychology, behavioral neuroscience or neuropsychology. Whatever you choose to call the field, it is essentially the scientific study of the nervous system. Traditionally treated as a subset of biology, neuroscience today calls upon all fields, from physics to computer science in order to better understand behavior, emotion, choice, morality and consciousness. 

    Neuroscientists use a multitude of techniques in their work, such as genetic manipulation, information processing,  neurotransmitter manipulation, and comparing how use of the above alters human experience and behavior. If this sounds appealing to you, or you just want to get involved and learn more, then the neuroscience club is the place for you.

Joining the Club

The Club has an online organization that allows rapid communication between its membership and the executive board.

This is done through the SA’s PAWs server. Interested students are recommended to goto http://paws.binghamton.edu and search for the group “Neuroscience Club” (cross-listed as “ 0753 Neuroscience”). Then select join this group.

The Club is also on Facebook: Please find our Club’s group and then request membership. If you have any questions about joining, please feel free to send any of us an email.

Current Projects
  • Community service programs include educational outreach programs directed towards middle- and high school-aged children. During BAW 2009 and 2010, the Club when to local schools to teach neuroscience.
  • Stimulus-Talks are our general meetings in which an interesting 'hot-topics' paper is discussed.  Members get a chance to read the abstract and/or article before the meeting, and informally discuss the paper during the meeting.
  • The Club continues to publish Brain Waves at least twice per semester, with physical copies printed on a semesterly basis.  As of April 2010, the Club recently published its 10th issue.