Online Resources

The Interactive Way To Go
One of the best sites for people just starting out.

Sensei's Library
A wiki for just about anything you can think of for Go.

A repository of go resources.

A repository of go resources.


Online Go
(See here for a more complete list)
  • KGS
    • Multi-language
  • IGS
    • Multi-language
  • Cyberoro
    • (Note: We cannot use the gambling system)
    • Multi-language
  • Tygem (Korean)
    • Tygem (Japanese)
    • Looks good, but no English.
  • Go Sensations
    • Site with the latest news/rumors on the online go scene
Fun Stuff
Online Go Programs

The Go Teaching Ladder
From Brendan. W. on the BU Go Club Facebook page:
The Ladder is a free service where you can submit games you've played online (.sgf files) for review from somebody stronger than you. They ask that you go through the game first and annotate what you were thinking for each move, what you hoped to accomplish, etc etc. It's a wonderful service, and one of the greatest advantages of online play is the ease of reviewing and playing out alternate sequences.

Go Problems
Solve many different types of puzzles! (Life or Death mostly, but also: Best Move, Best Sequence, Best Reduction, Find Snapback, etc.)

Download a free Go-playing Bot! May want to also get a more user-friendly GUI to use it. (Such as through the IGS client).