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BUGC: 02/06/10: New Weekday Meetings!

posted Feb 6, 2010, 4:38 PM by Unknown user
Our schedule for future meetings will be as follows:

Every Saturday at 4 PM (Majority: 9 votes)

In addition to the Saturday meeting, one weekday meeting each week:
2/11/10 Thursday 8 PM (8 votes for Thursday, 6 for 8 PM)
2/17/10 Wednesday 7 PM (7 votes for Wednesday, 6 for 7 PM)
2/22/10 Monday 6 PM (5 votes for Monday, 4 for 6 PM)

These days were chosen based on popularity and the fact that certain people can only come on certain days. I'm sorry that we can't accommodate for everyone, but you can also go to or to play online!

After the 2/22 meeting, we will decide which weekday meeting to keep based on attendance! If it's close, we'll simply keep the rotation of days for the rest of the semester. Come on time to the weekday meetings (or at least give notice via e-mail), since if no one shows up within the first 30-40 minutes or so, I'll leave.

You can find this information (in form of a google calendar) and more on our website!

Google Calendar iCal link: