About Us

About BU Go Club

The BU Go club is a SA chartered organization of Binghamton University. We receive funding and use it to buy Go books, boards, and stones. The club was started in Spring 2004 by Chris Amorosa and Peter Choi.

Current E-Board:

Bryan Lim
    President (07-10)

Nam Nguyen
    Vice President (09-10)

Matthew Hassell
    Treasurer (08-10)

Franky Ni
    Secretary (09-10)

Past E-Board:

Chris Amorosa

Peter Choi

Woojin Lee

Qian Wan
    Ex-President (05-07)
    Ex-Vice President (07-08)

Yi Cheung
     Ex-Treasurer (07-08)

Dick Chan

Mike Yu

In Hyuk Seok
    Vice President (08-09)

Mallory Lou
    Secretary (08-09)

Current and Past Members:

    Charlie Chapple

    Charles Hanna
    Karl Keith
    Maggie Lo
    Matthew Mallay
    Jonathan Suh
    Jonathan Wickers

    Nicele Arana
    Charles Hanna
    Kori Jacobs
    John Kim
    Nam Nguyen
    Woogoon Yoon
    Brian Zbriger

*All lists are incomplete. Know people not on the list? E-mail us!