Newest version of S3DB is maintained at

Older version of S3DB can be inspected at google code
Subversion is also available - you can checkout a read-only working version over HTTP by entering into your SVN client:
svn checkout s3db-read-only
(Many SVN clients are available to download for free. We like Tortoise :-)

S3DB dependencies include Apache, PHP and MySQL/Postgres. Please check out the Features & Requirements page before you download.

If you do not already have these applications and you are working on a Windows machine, we strongly recommend using WAMP, which bundles Apache, MySQL and PHP.
You can also download and install the S3DB bundle, which downloads and installs both WAMP & S3DB for you. For further instructions on S3DB installation, please read the

Older versions of S3DB can be found in SourceForge