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Features & Requirements

S3DB Installation Requirements

  • Unix/Linux or Windows platform
  • PHP 5.0.0 or up. PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language (5.0.0 or up is required).
  • Open source database MySQL (4.1.x) or PostgreSQL (7.x)
  • Web-enabled server such that URI generated by S3DB are available over the internet (this is optional, although some features might not be available without it)

Data Service Features

  • Possibility to create separate domain of discourse from its instantiation while maintaining a serialization in RDF
  • Any resource can be shared between deployments and within projects
  • Data storage in flexible schemas where changes to the schema do not result in loss of data
  • Insert data directly from excel tables
  • Import/Export in various formats (tab, xml, rdf)
  • Supports storage of files/Hyperlinks
  • RESTfull API with result serialization in html, tab, xml, rdf/xml, rdf/n3 or json.
  • Build-in user and group permission management, with vertical permission propagation
  • Automatic code distribution