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Code Updates

In order to obtain the latest version of S3DB, you may opt to update your code when there is a new version (see Figure below). Remember that apache must have "write" privileges in your s3db directory (including privileges to replace existing files) in order for code updates to work. 
The "update code" button will be enable as soon as there is a new version available.

To request information regarding the latest code update may be retrieved using an API function, in the following way:

Where is the URL where your S3DB deployment has been registered.

You can also have your s3db check and update for code even if the button is not enabled (this is not recommended unless you have come across a problem in your previous code update that is specific to your application, for example, if there was an interruption during the update that prevented all files from migrating).
The API function to do this is called "selfupdate.php" and has the following syntax:


selfupdate.php will update local S3DB code. Make sure Apache has read/write permission on all S3DB code BEFORE using this API function.