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creating a collection should not force default permissions (only when user changes something - otherwise it propagates)   
non existance of collections is not promptimng the user to create them   
when .htaccess exists, it is messing installation (apache returns internal error)   
detect problems in connecting to database   
make call to mothership part of s3ql   
rdf is outputtng ht Did wrong   
when + 50 items, permissions on group not migrating   
some interfaces need re-doing of the output of S3QLaction (format=html no longer returns tags, but hmtl   
mysql deployments are not creating groups  hdeus 
wamp not to be installed with the rest   
rdfRestore Files => files coming currupted   
ruleinspector is not letting me use both a verb from an item in another project + a collection from another project   
verb_id is empty in some TCGA rules w/ old version   
returning statements on rules that have been deleted   
Keys tab is not highlighted when i'm on keys   
Showing 15 items