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S3DB stands for Simple Sloppy Semantic Database. It is a way to represent information on the Semantic Web without the rigidness of relational/XML schema while avoiding the "spaghetti" of unconstrained RDF stores. The critical feature of S3DB is a core datamodel that makes an explicit distinction between domain of discourse and its instantiation. The motivation and basic design is introduced in our publications [Nature Biotechnology - 24, 1070 - 1071 (2006)], [PLoS ONE 3(8) 2008], [BMC Bioinformatics 11:387 (2010)] and [BMC Bioinformatics 2011, 12:285]


For a shortcut to the syntax of the REST protocol used to expose S3DB's API click here. For the sprawling list of documents and media describing installation and usage see the documentation page


If you are too busy to read documentation, here are some videos of S3DB:


The main component of S3DB is a dataservice application you can download freely. The core application comes with a web-based graphic user interface (GUI) which allows you to organize your data without further complications. The maturation of the core S3DB application is enabling the development of other applications using S3DB's API to interoperate with the S3DB data service. You can browse information about those related initiatives in the projects page.

Take it easy

If you do not control a configured webserver and just want to install all it takes to have your S3DB deployment working as both a web application you can share with your collaborators and a web service for data analysis then this small windows application will take care of that for you.


There is one here where you can login using 'guest' as username and 'guest' as password. To see normal operation of S3DB deployments see the  webcasts.


As the core application matures a number of developemnt initiatives are emerging to use this data service for specialized purposes. For both the documentation of S3DB's API and that of interoperable client and sever applications applications see the documentation page.


S3DB is made available with open source and download and use the application as is free of charge. Please check the license to know the ways in which you may use the software.


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