03 Revisiting what we know - Mission Possible

In Primary School, we learnt that data can be represented in 4 types of statistical representations - Pictograms, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts and Line Graphs. We are going to "visit" these graphs before go move into deeper discussion on these graphs in the class lessons.

In this "MISSION", you are tasked to complete one question in each collection of graphs.

Click at the link below to access

Each question carries with a number of points that you would contribute to your group points.

You are required to solve the question, using the method suggested in the question (if there is any).

How to choose the questions?
  • The question comes with varying level of difficulty & complexity.
  • Pick a question that is challenging enough for you, yet you would be able to present the correct solution.

How to present my worked solution?
  • You are going to submit it as a oral presentation in video (viva voce).
  • The video should not be longer than 2 minutes.
  • You may use copy the question (image embedded in the GoogleSite) to aid your explanation.
  • You should show the working clearly, and explain the steps, including the concepts when relevant.
  • You are strongly advised to work out the solution before recording your presentation.
  • The last scene of the video should be an image that presents the final answers to all the parts.

How to submit your work?
  • Your teacher will inform you the platform to submit your work to.

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