The Student Council Overview

Upgrading in Progress

Our Mission:
Upholding the school ethos by building a strong school identity and infusing a sense of school pride.

Our Vision:
To be dynamic leaders with global and entrepreneurial mindsets.

Our Leadership Model:
We follow the KP Leadership Model by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.

Model the Way:
- Responsibility
- Integrity
- Commitment

Inspire a Shared Vision:
- Persuasive
- Confidence

Challenge the Process:
- Moral Courage
- Critical Thinking
- Perseverance
- Creativity

Enabling Others to Act
- Open-minded
- Developmental Mentor

Encourage the Heart
- Empathy

Our Goals:
To foster dynamic student leaders. To foster positive relations between the school management and the students through organising initiatives.

Our Values:

1) Respect

Every Student Councillor must respect students and staff. To be kind to one another is a show of courtesy which is the basis of trust amongst people.

2) Integrity

Integrity is one of the key values every Student Councillor is expected to have. By displaying integrity, the Student Councillor will be able to garner support and trust from teachers, students and staff.

3) Communication

A Student Councillor is expected to be a masterful communicator. Being able to exert a positive influence on others is extremely important. He or she needs to be able to create and inspire others with his or her vision and create a sense of common purpose. This is critical to the team.

4) Critical Thinking

A student leader must be able to make good decisions. Highly effective leaders must be able to think critically and to make tough calls quickly when circumstances require it.

5) Adaptable

A student leader must be open to changes and be able to adapt to any changes in the environment.

Our Role in the School Community:

As the Student Council, we aim to uphold the ethos of the school and represent the school in various local and international platforms as student ambassadors. Through us, students’ feedback and suggestions are actualised. This is also a way for students to contribute to the community.

By building a strong school identity and sense of pride, we aim to instil a desire in all students to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and attitude; the SST way.