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Group 3-10

Our Team
-        Ng Choon Wee (Leader), Farruq Daniel (Photographer), Loo Zhong Han (Data Collector), Aloysius Seah (Data Collator).
-        Include a group photograph with the Project Advisor(s) from NTU 


3a) Students are to perform a simple experiment involving the rolling of a metal ball bearing down an inclined plane and measuring the time it takes to travel the horizontal track. The challenge, is to find out how to make this ball travel as fast as possible, hence the 'fastest ball challenge'. We will have to find out the angle of inclination for which the time taken will be as quick as possible. We will go to the lab and use various apparatus to achieve this.

3b) To extract caffeine using certain methods. Caffeine is a base, called an alkaloid. Alkaloids are stimulants (drugs are also stimulants), so they are very varied. However, we will be focusing on caffeine. Caffeine is normally found in coffee, tea and kola nuts, so they are obviously an important part of our daily lives. We are learning how to extract caffeine.


3a) The Fastest Ball Challenge

Challenge 1: To time the traveling of a ball bearing from one end of a horizontal track to another after an incline of angle 30°.

Challenge 2: To try to make a ball bearing travel from one photogate sensor to another in 1 second.

3b) Extraction of Caffeine from Beverages 

In this experiment we extract caffeine from tea. The methods are the following:

1) Büchner Filtration                                                                                                                                                                                                                2) Solvent Filtration                                                                                                                                                                                                                 3) Distillation using a rotary evaporator                                                                                                                                                                               We want to be able to know and understand the meaning behind each method used. We must also know why there are 3 different methods and when to use each method.


SST-NTU Flagship Programme 2013 Project 3 Group 3-10

Dr. Bonanni briefing us on what we were going to do.
Aloysius holding a beaker of calcium carbonate.
Choon Wee helping with filtration.
Zhong Han collecting data.
Separation in process...
After another round of filtration...
The process of extracting caffeine in a nutshell
Dr. Ho  telling us what we're supposed to do for the challenge.
'Testing out'
Doing Challenge 1
A picture with our TA, Teck Wee

Other discussed questions
-        Include any other questions, discussions or learning points that may have been raised during the course of the project