400,000,000 abandoned children live on the streets in many cities around the world. Child Abandonment happens when the parents or guardians of a child are unable to support or provide for their child. This happens when the family feels that they are at rock bottom and they essentially just leave their kid without worrying about their safety or needs. An abandoned child is one who many times, doesn't know how they will be fed each night, or where they will spend the night. It is not always like this however, in many cases when a child is abandoned a foster home is able to find great parents who will support and love the child. Unfortunately this is typically not the case. Ninety  five percent of abandoned children are not ever put in orphanage for a chance at having supporting parents. instead they live each day barely getting by. One reason many abandoned children have even harder of a time is that less than fifty percent of abandoned children receive financial support from government subsidies. In China alone, 10,000 children each year are abandoned by there biological parents.

            In some places, people are setting up what are called baby hatches, a place where a parent can come drop off a child that they would otherwise abandon on the streets, and the baby will receive medical attention(due to the high amounts of babies abandoned with medical conditions) within 10 minutes. These "baby hatches" quickly began to receive around 5 babies each day. Due to the mass amount of children being received, and the fact that most were very sick or close to death, the establishment was forced by the government to temporarily shut down until all the children can receive proper care.