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5th grade is an exciting year! It is a transition year with an emphasis on responsibility and independence. Students have lockers and padlocks for the first time. They also go to different teachers and classrooms for their various classes. Their planners help them remember their assignments and when they are due. South Hamilton Elementary is a 1:1 school 1st grade through 6th grade, every student has their own computer to use for the school year! These computers will stay at school; but students will have access to the same computer throughout the day! Therefore, technology will be an integral part of their learning.

5th graders have some awesome opportunities to go along with the added responsibility and independence. They have the opportunity to run a Concession Stand during home Jr. High Volleyball games in the elementary. Students determine the items to sell and the prices to charge. They advertise their business, get it ready for customers, apply their customer service and money skills while working, take inventory and clean up. The profit they raise will hopefully be enough to pay for their way into the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE and an IMAX movie. Students will be able to see their animal at the zoo that they had researched earlier in the year. 5th graders also have a wonderful opportunity to attend Ag Day in Eagle Grove. They will learn various aspects of agriculture thanks to ISU Extension and the numerous volunteers who organize this wonderful day.

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