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This Is A News Blog Page For The Three Campuses (Chestermere, Airdrie and Cochrane). This Page Is To Help Inform Students And Parents Of Upcoming Events And Keep Them Connected In A New Kind Of Way. 
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Principals Message:
Mr. M. Arnold

What an exciting time of year! School has started and I see teachers busy making sure all students are up and running in their courses; I see students with their new clothes catching up with old friends or making new ones, and then logging into their courses to see what they get to do first; I see secretaries multi-tasking to make sure all students are registered, fees are paid, textbooks are assigned, and questions are answered. Our school is a very busy place this year.

We have some changes that occurred over the summer. We have access to space upstairs at W H Croxford, the new school in Airdrie, which will alleviate some of our crowded space issues at our downtown campus. We have a new assistant principal, Mrs. Lina DiGregorio, whom you knew before as our guidance counsellor. We have two new counsellors: Ms. Angela Dillon and Ms. Angela Bardick. We have a couple of new Junior High teachers: Mrs. Leslie Good in Science and Mrs. Judy Sliwinski in Grade 7 English Language Arts and Social Studies. And we have new teacher assistants: Mrs. Corrie Danielson in Airdrie and Mr. Mark Pederson in Chestermere. Be sure to introduce yourself to these new people when you see them, and make them feel welcome in our school.

Now you have officially started another year of school. May I remind you that your success this year rests primarily on you. Your teachers and support staff are all here to help you succeed, and your parents are supporting you at home, but only you can do the work you need to do in order to be as successful as possible. I wish you every success this year as you diligently pursue your studies, and please let us help you whenever you need support.

Chestermere Campus:
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