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There is an electronic version of each textbook chapter on the bottom of each chapter home page. 
Important Reminders:

Contact Me
  • As a student, the best way to contact me is to come speak to me in person in my classroom. I am almost always available during flex and for 30 minutes before and after school.  I can usually be found in Room 2001 (our classroom) during lunch as well.
  • You may also send me an email at jwennekamp@rvschools.ab.ca or jwennekamp@rockyview.ab.ca but be warned that I do not always check my email on evenings or on weekends. I will do my best to reply to your email before the end of the next school day. Please remember to keep all emails polite and professional.
  • All appointments should be booked in advance to ensure I do not have conflicting appointments.
  • I may also be reached by phone at 403-932-2542, ext. 4424.