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RVMC is operated for and by our members. The Steering Committee, composed of volunteers from the membership, plan and run all programs and events. Although we encourage everyone to participate, we have no requirements about volunteering. The Steering Committee (25 to 30 people) meets monthly and provides leadership for all RVMC activities. A new committee is formed each year in late spring. Most positions require a one-year commitment. Learn more about the Steering Committee here -- it's a great way to meet other moms and enjoy a night out every month!
We also reach out to fathers who are primary caregivers and encourage their involvement in club activities. Some of our activities are more likely to draw large numbers of dads than others, but fathers are always welcome. Other local resources include a hiking group called Grateful Dads and various workshops and classes at Parents Place in San Rafael.

RVMC Member Benefits

Throughout the year, RVMC offers social events and outings for families, hosts holiday parties, publishes a bimonthly newsletter with articles and information about club-related and local events, and organizes playgroups. In addition, we support select local nonprofit organizations, encourage members to form special interest groups focused on hobbies (book clubs, sewing, running, etc.), and organize members to cook meals for others in need of a helping hand (due to illness, a new baby, etc.). To get more detailed information on upcoming events, be sure to visit our Events page. For more details on specific RVMC programs and activities, please check out our Programs and Activities page. Most club-wide RVMC events and programs are included with your membership fee; additional fees may apply if you choose to attend Mom's Night Out or other special programs for individuals.

About Our Members

The following graphs present some information about our members:*

 * Member data compiled 7/8/2009.