STEM Club Advisor: Ms. Orr 

There will be an information meeting in the beginning of the school year for any students interested in grades 4, 5, and 6. This meeting will be a information/sign-up meeting. We will officially start the club meetings in October. A grade level meeting schedule will be set up depending on how many students sign up for the club. 

Click on the STEM Club Information link for access to the letter and permission slip that will be given out at the information meeting. Please return the permission slip by the next STEM club meeting. 

Please check this website often to see when your grade level specific meeting will be held. 

All meetings are from 3:00-3:30 on Wednesdays!
NEXT meeting dates for STEM club members:

October 9-  6th grade
October 16-  5th grade
October 23-  Upstairs 4th grade homerooms
October 30-  Downstairs 4th grade homerooms

The STEM Club is an engaging environment for students to collaborate on many STEM challenges and activities. 
We will use inquiry-based skills and engineering practices to plan, create, test, and improve. 


Bridge Challenge:
Build a bridge out of index cards that can hold the most mass (pennies or textbooks)


Paper Towel Tower Challenge:
Which tower made out of paper towel rolls will hold the most weight (textbooks)

Raft Challenge:
Build a raft that can hold the most mass (pennies)

Raft Challenge

Great Job on the Raft Challenge!! 
Our overall winning raft held 140 pennies!!!

Coding Activities:
Click on scratch for activities

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