Lincoln and Washington Media Center

Welcome to the Library!

This page gives general information for both libraries. If you are looking for specific information about your child's library, please click on the school's page on the left sidebar.

General Information:
1. Students attend a 42 minute library class once a week. During library class, time is split between library lessons and book selection. 
Students and parents may review our Library catalog at home by going to the school's page on the left sidebar and browse the online Destiny catalog. 

2. Check-Out Procedures: 
    a. Students in First Grade will initially check out one book each week and will begin checking out 2 books later in the year.  Other grades may check out 2 books each week. One of those books must be a book on their reading level.  The second book is considered a "look" book and is selected within grade appropriate parameters.  If you would like your child to check out a specific book that does not meet these guidelines, please email me or 
Mrs. Gioia/Mrs. Jimenez so we can make arrangements to meet your request. 

    b. Students in grades 2 and 3 may check out one magazine and one book on their reading level, instead of 2 books. 

    c. Books/magazines  should be returned each week. If a child does not return books, he/she will not be allowed to check out books that specific week.

    d.  Students are encouraged to keep their books in their book bags when not reading.  This helps them to always have a book available at home and school and to return their books in a timely manner. 


Library Staff

D. Liberato, Library Media Specialist

Jennifer Gioia, Washington Library Clerk

Deb Jimenez, Lincoln Library Clerk