Russia SciOly

Welcome to the Russia Local Science Olympiad Homepage.  The Schedule link has the calendar of event meetings which are generally after school from 3:15-4:45.  Use the navigation on the left to go to individual events- Division C is High School. 

We have officially been reassigned to the Piqua Regional Tournament for the foreseeable future as Bowling Green has taken over the Northwest Regional Tournament.

Russia was recently recognized in an online article of the "Best School Districts for Your Buck in Ohio" which looked not only at student performance on standardized tests, but also the average cost of living in the district.  Russia came in at #10, but our Science Olympiad program was specifically mentioned among the commendations of our district.  Also, because of the ad it is easy to miss the data table below the article, but it includes all 608 school districts they looked at, and being a data nerd this was really interesting to see.

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