Welcome to Russia Local School!
We are happy to have your child enter our school system and sincerely hope that this will be the beginning of a successful and enjoyable educational experience for both you and your child.  Every child is unique; we will do everything we can to see that your child's experience benefits his or her needs and experiences.

The successful education of a child depends on cooperation between parents and school.  We look forward to working with you.  Any questions?  Need some help?  Please call or email us!


Mr. Steve Rose
937-526-3156 ext. 104

Mr. Marcus Bixler
937-526-3156 ext. 103


Mrs. Mary Dapore
Kindergarten Teacher
937-526-3156 ext. 115


Mrs. Jaclyn Bensman
Kindergarten Teacher
937-526-3156 ext. 109


Mrs. Missy Monnin
Computer Teacher
937-526-3156 ext. 111


Mrs. Rachel Gregg 
Guidance Counselor
937-526-3156 ext. 137


Mrs.Beth Murray
Phys Ed Teacher
937-526-3156 ext. 144


Mrs. Lynn Blakeley
Music Teacher
937-526-3156 ext. 150

Mrs. Alysha Orsborne
937-536-3156 ext.136