Take a trip to Russia without leaving the Bay Area!

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The idea behind this event is to introduce the audience to the history of Russian culture and tradition. Through music, song and dance show daily life, customs, and celebrations of our great-grandparents. We want to try to convey the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and the importance of educating our children, instilling knowledge and respect of our traditions.
The program will present all your favorite romances, a beautiful story, told through dance and of course folk songs and dances. The program will conclude with the great interactive folk experience where you can become one with performers and other guests. Games, khorovods (walk-around traditional dance), and much more.

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The Russian Center of San Francisco was founded in 1939 by Russian immigrants as a focal point for the preservation of their rich cultural heritage. Tradition was passionately kept alive through operas, operettas, choirs, grand balls, folk dance ensembles and plays. Generation followed generation, and still the goal remains to preserve and display the warmth and spirit of the Russian culture.

As a non-profit cultural organization, the Russian Center annually produces many cultural activities including operas, dance concerts, folk dance classes, social gatherings and lectures. The Russian Festival, held every February, is a three day showcase of food, art, music and dance, and attracts thousands of people from all over the San Francisco Bay Area and the world. The Russian Center is home to Teremok, a State certified Russian pre-school, Congress of Russian Americans, Museum of Russian Culture, Russian Life Daily Newspaper, a library of Russian books, Russian folk dancing classes, rhythmic gymnastic classes, Russian Center Opera Company and the Russian American Chamber Orchestra. The Russian Center co-sponsors the city-wide "Days of Russia" celebration. The Russian Center also presents many guest artists from Russia and other parts of the world.

The Russian Center building at 2450 Sutter Street boasts a 550+ seat ballroom/theater with a proscenium stage at theater level, a full gymnasium, dance studio, office and restaurant space and meeting rooms. The building, which was built in 1911, has been remodeled to meet seismic and accessibility requirements while keeping true to the original architectural style.

The Russian American community invites you to its home. Whether for a dance class, a wedding, a concert, our Russian Festival, a sports event or a meeting, we hope you will enjoy our Center and be filled with a bit of warmth and fellowship that is the Russian spirit.


Photo credit: Andy Pischalnikoff | Edited by Paulina Svensson

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